Approvals for clients

Hi. We are a business that has to send products for approval to clients outside the organisation. Is there a way to get them to approve, but not see any other information on the board (i don’t want them to be able to see other clients etc.). I would like to be able to email them files, have them mark as approved and then we can go ahead.

You would likely need to have a form they can put an ID into for example, to sign off on it. That creates a new item in an approvals board and links to the regular item based on the “approval code” generated.

You could then set up some automations on the approval item that change a status after item creation, mirror that status column on the main board, and use the built-in “status changes to something, change status to something” recipes (not through create automation button) to trigger off the mirror column changing (a very small set of the pre-built status change recipes can trigger off mirror changes) to drive automation on the main board.