As an API user I would like to query archived users

When I query the API for all users the users marked as archived are not returned.

We have built an integration to a number of third party applications which require the totalled time per user per board.
The time tracking column stores each individual time entry with a reference to the user who added the time:


However, if the user is archived it is not possible to retrieve their details via the API even though the user id reference to the user correctly exists within the board time tracking details.

Can an option be added to the users query to enable reading the user details?

query {
   users (kind: all) {


Hi @alan.every!

Thank you for this super helpful feedback. I can see how useful it would be to query for deactivated users’ data.

I’m happy to forward this to our developers for consideration, as I agree that this would be a helpful feature to have.