Asana Integration and updates to tasks & subtasks in Monday

Hi there!

I’m trying out because I really like the My Work view and some other features that Asana doesn’t have or do well.

The rest of the team uses Asana and I was trying out the integration and Zaps but am a bit confused. I’d like to keep the Asana project updated during my trial because not everyone on the team will want to pay for/use a different tool.

How do I get as task/item status to update from Monday to Asana on tasks/items and subtasks/subitems?

Also, if I create a task and subtasks in Monday those don’t seem to populate to Asana. Is that expected?

Does it only work Asana → Monday and not the other way?

(I’ve looked at making a zap to update the status from Monday → Asana but it seems to be more complicated than I thought.)

The documentation isn’t super clear and I’ve not been able to find what I’m looking for in the community here. I use subtasks a lot for organization and this is kinda throwing a wrench in my plans.

Thanks for any help!