How to Import from Asana

Hey Community,

Want to easily import your projects into Here is the solution!

How to do it:

  1. Click on your avatar menu (Profile pic) and choose the first option ‘Import Data’

  2. Select Asana as the source of content

  3. Connect your Asana account to authorize access

  4. After you’re authorized, you need to choose the projects that you would want to import

  5. The system scans all the tasks assignees by their emails to cross-reference with the emails on the account in order to find mutual users.
    Emails of Asana users that are not members of the account will be suggested for an invite for users-syncing purposes

  6. Click ‘Done’, the import process will start, You will be directed to the first created board. Then, the items will start appearing.

As you can see, the pulses are being created along with an integration column in order to maintain constant sync between the project and the board.

It’s that easy! :slight_smile: