Asana supported fields

I believe the Asana integration is at its bare minimum, these are the supported Asana fields in Monday:

  • Name
  • Assignee
  • Completed
  • Notes
  • Due date
  • Parent name
    But some only sync one way, and they don’t work with the status nor drop down column, which I believe are essential to any workflow on

Is there an expected date when we will be able to have a more complete integration?

What’s your reason for using both Asana and Monday? Curious as they seem to serve the same purpose.

Hey! good question! maybe i should’ve clarified! One of our sales teams manages the commercial relationships and deals of a company that is not part of our group and they have their workflow in Asana. We are trying to make both platforms together so that the same workflow exists both in their Asana account and our Monday account in order to make the whole process more efficient

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