Assign user who clicked button as person

I have tried searching for this answer but cannot find one.

Is it possible to set up an automation that will assign the user that has clicked a ‘button’ as the person? I can only see the option to either assign the creator or specify the user.

The pulses in this particular board are created via an email forward, so the creator option does not work, I wanted my team to acknowledge the pulse by clicking a button and then be assigned to it.

Hey @alexb, thanks for posting about this!

Have you tried setting up this automation? Is this the one that will specify the user, like you mentioned?

If so, what would you think of having your team acknowledge the pulse by clicking a status label with their name instead? Then they could be automatically assigned using this automation for each person:


Hi all,

I’m dealing with something similar.

I would like to assign the person that changed a status to a task when they change it.

I believe this solves the problem for the button too, since there’s an automation rule to change status when a button is clicked :wink:

For me, the solution of using names on a status will break my current workflow…

I don’t know if I should create a new thread about this. Please tell me if needed.

Best regards,

Hi all,

What I understand is that you want to assign the user who clicked a button (or changed a status) is assigned to that item as the only person? I do have a lot of experience building apps and I do think this will be possible to do. The main flow I envision is:

  • when status is changed to “acknowledge” trigger a custom app
  • the app reads the activity log from the board and find the person who change the status
  • the app set a given person column to the person found in the activity log

I need to investigate how this will work for external (guest) users?

If you are interested in such an app I can give it a go, just let me know.