Assign user who clicked button as assigned person in people column

Can team add an automation where when “a button is clicked it will assign the person who clicked the button in Person column” and also add coditions like “and only if” the item is in this perticular group.

Currrently the automation which I have assigns creator & not the person who clicked button. The workaround for this I know is we have to manually select the person or to tell the people on production floor to select their name from people column or status column. As it will create a room for human error & selecting the wrong person & not having automation which will be error free system.

There is a little free app that does exactly that. You can install it through Where Teams Get Work Done

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Button works great @basdebruin . I’m currently using it to trigger acceptance of a job by using it to assign the user as the “Leader” in the “Incoming Jobs” board. Once a “leader” is assigned on a job it moves it to “Active Jobs” board given that certain status requirements etc. are also met.

Thanks for all you do!

@basdebruin I have installed and updated the app but I am unable to find an automation or integration to begin using it. I would be grateful for some guidance.

Monday made a few changes that makes it hard to find installed apps that are not listed on the marketplace.

The “easiest” :slight_smile: way is to open your board and click the integrate link. Then click the link next to Apps


Then click “Installed Apps”


and finally click the app from there.

Sorry, this was much easier before monday decided to change integrations and automations page.

Thank you for the guidance. I am in the process of adding the app to my board. But after the “Getting everything ready” message, the app setup gets hung up with a “wheel worm” that never goes away. Is this normal? How long should I expect to wait for setup to complete?

@basdebruin I made sure the assign to me app has all possible permissions. But when I try to apply th eapp to a board, It never gets past step “1 of 4” before going into a death loop. It doesn’t matter if I apply the app to a specific board or allow for all. I would be grateful for your guidance.

The installation process of an app is not controlled by the app but by the monday platform. I recommend to reach out to monday support to get the app installed.

Hi @basdebruin ,
Thank you very much for the lead! looks exactly like what we need.
Only thing I’m trying to find out some documentation to assess whether is it safe for installing this into our account but i cant find any. Do you have any idea?