Default Item Owner to Current user in automations

We have a Lead board with an Item, Owner, Email, Phone etc. columns. Currently we’re using a button (CREATE LEAD) from an Organization board to automatically create a lead in the Lead board. We would like the new Lead item in the lead board to be assigned to the current user that clicked the CREATE LEAD button.

Any suggestions on how to do this? (I don’t believe an automation recipe will solve this as I can’t assign current user)

Also the “creator” of the record takes on the properties of the Board Owner (the individual that created the automation in the first place), I can seem to use an automation recipe to solve this.

Hi Arnold,

Good question! At this time, I am afraid we don’t have a native solution for assigning the lead to the button clicker… this is a great idea however.

In terms of a workaround, I’d recommend having the user (that is clicking the button) to assign themselves in the people column, prior to clicking the button, this way you can map the people column into the item that is being created into the leads board - does this mkae sense?

I understand this isn’t the most ideal solution, however without bringing in third party tools, I think it might be the best way forward.

Let me know :pray:

This solution is hindered by board permissions that limit users to viewing and editing only their own records. Therefore, if you automate record creation from one board to another, this approach becomes ineffective. Monday could enhance its revenue potential by enabling automations through buttons, allowing users to be assigned as creators. This modification would broaden the usage of such automations, addressing the current limitations.

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