Auto-assign people to tasks in a group based on status in another group

Hi everyone! I am trying to automatically assign tasks in a group when another group of tasks are all done.

We have a board template that has multiple groups (that are related to stages of workflow), when all tasks in Group A are marked done, I’d like to automatically assign ownership of all tasks in Group B. Then when all tasks are marked done in Group B, auto assign ownership of all tasks in Group C. And so on until we reach the last group on the board.

I know there isn’t a way to do this with the native functionality within Monday but is this possible with an app or something like Make?

It gets a little more complicated because we are also frequently creating new boards that need to do this. We are using a template to create them.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi @ejlester - welcome to the community! This is certainly something that could be scripted in as there is no native support for this functionality in

If you ever need a hand feel free to reach out to us here, or shoot a message to You can also book a complementary discovery session to discuss further.

Thanks @ejlester ,

Hi Erica,

You could do it with a 3rd-party app called the Advanced Formula Booster. It is an app that totally reinvents formulas in monday. It does not use the Formula column at all and is able to cast its results to any type of column. There are many more unique features.

In your use case, the most interesting one is the ability to read and update other items than the one that triggers the formula.

Here is a quick demo:


To achieve this, all it takes is a formula and an automation. Here is the formula:

Here is the automation:

When you change the status of an item in the board, it runs the formula which basically does this:

  • It reads all the statuses of the current group. It counts them and compares them with the number of “Done” statuses in the group.
  • If the number don’t match, the formula stops and nothing happens
  • If they match, then if finds the next group in the board and the items in that group and assigns a user to the Person column.

It could always assign the same person or you could decide on the person based on your own criteria.

Hope it helps. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want more info. There is a ticket system within the app, you can contact us there as well.

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This is pretty cool and would let me build it into the template so I wouldn’t have to make changes every time a new board is created. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

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Hey Gilles,

I got the app and it seems pretty slick but it looks like you have to choose a board to setup the formula, but I need something that will automatically work anytime a new board is created in the Monday account. Is there a way to have this work on all boards without having to build the formula each time?



Hi Erika,

Thanks for getting the app. Are you creating these boards out of a template?

If you do, make sure to set the For use in Board Templates property of your formula to ON (see the explanation at Advanced Formula Booster: Using Formulas in Board Templates).

PS: We have an in-app ticket system (under Support in the left pane), don’t hesitate to open a ticket if you have more questions or want to continue this conversation (we are notified a lot faster :smiley:).

Oh nice, ok thanks!

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