Auto Assign - Round Robin

A feature that would be of big help is to auto assign pulses to a user from a list of users in a round robin order. Currently, I am having to do that myself and a big help would be to automate that process. We have up to 700 pulses added a month on 1 board alone, so doing this manually becomes a very time consuming process.

Hi @JordanD! I’ve heard this request before - would you be able to expand on your workflow so we can understand a bit more how this would be beneficial for you? Curious to understand what’s behind the 700 items :slight_smile: Cheers!

Sure. Without going into too much detail about the business we are in, we have a department (We can call it Department A) that reaches deals. Once a deal is reached, Department A creates a pulse via form for another dept (Department B) to work off of. Department B will follow up on several items related to the deal. Each one of these deals needs to be assigned to a rep in Dept. B and distributed fairly. It would be nice to have this done automatically via round robin automation among a group of users that I select. Right now I have to manually go in and manually assign them which is a tedious task.

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Awesome thanks for sharing!