I'd like an automation that automatically assigns people rotationally


My title says it all basically. I’d love for there to be an automation that automatically assigns members of my team a line item based on who has the least line items for a specific week.

I manage an onboarding department with three onboarding coordinators who help with onboarding requirements for our company’s new hires. In a given week, we probably get 40-60 new hires we need to process that appear on our board once the new hire signs their offer letter. I am hoping that once they populate on our board, they can automatically be assigned to one of us for processing and do this based on who has the least assigned for that week. We did recently create a “Workload” view that allows for us to quickly see who has the least at a glance and assign accordingly but in an ideal future, we wouldn’t need to keep track of it at all based on these parameters.

I hope this can be created someday! Let me know if it ever does come into creation!