Auto-copy items from one board to another

I have a list of employees in one board in monday that are rated each month. On the first day of each month I want to copy all the employees from one board (employees) to another board (ratings). Is there any way to do this in monday, or do I need to use Make?

So what you need to do is an automation that duplicates an item, then moves an item to another board.

The catch here is that the item that gets moved is the original, and the duplicate stays on your original board.

The other issue is you can’t duplicate an item and keep the updates, and the duplicate left behind will have “(copy)” in the name, but there are third-party app options to work around it. They may be cheaper than make, and definitely won’t require the development time!

You can do that without using make.
You need to create 2 recepies
I am attching both automations you need to create.

I tested and it worked fine. If you need help let me know.

RehanAQ | Implementation Consultant | Codex Solutions International