Auto-number: use in filters, formulas and automations

Hi, everyone!

My request is simple, and it would bring so many solutions for my work demands.

I need to be able to use the auto-number column in:
- Filters
- Sorting
- Formulas
- Automations

That would be amazing! Hope it can be done!

The request is over, but I’ll leave some usecases bellow.

1. Filters / Sorting

If a have information that is binded to a number limit, using sorting and filters I could filter out (or in) only lines that reach a certain goal… A high number or a low number. Since the auto-number can be arranged in the reverse order, the first line would receive a value that acts like a counter.

2. Formulas

Similar to the case above, a formula coud display a certain result based on the auto-number, for exemple: “limit reached” when we reach 10 lines.

3. Automations

In similar manner, the auto-number could serve as a trigger to send a notification or e-mail when reaches a certain number.

ps - I think the same could be done if we had a column / formula function that gets the footer of a number column.

Hi Jose,

You can do that with the Advanced Formula Booster. It allows you to create autonumbers and cast them to a regular Numbers column (or text column if you need to add a string to it).

Thanks, Giles! I’ve check that app, it is really amazing but… Unfortunately I need a free solution. But, thanks anyway…