Combine Formula and Autonumber


In short, I need to create new number if other column is something.

If in “Need SN?” column value is “Yes” (Or Chechbox checked), than in “Serial Number” (Autonumber) column creates SN increased by 1

There are some Subitems which doesnt need to have SN, so I dont need SN for all raws is Autonumber column.

Is there a solution?

Hey @AlekasandarS,

Is it possible for you to share a screenshot of the specific columns in the formula? I just might need a little more visual context to experiment on my end? I did also want to mention that at this time, it isn’t possible to pull the the autonumber column into the formula column - I am sorry for the setback here :pray:

Hey @BiancaT

Sure, sorry if I wasnt clear, I just read what I wrote.

Here is the Screenshot

Thank you for sharing!

I just wanted to check that you’re using the Autonumber column, correct? If this is the case, I am afraid the column isn’t currently supported in formulas… :confused: You would instead need to substitute that column for a numbers column or formula column… which I recognise isn’t ideal.

Thak you for the answer.

Correct, I tried to use Autonumber in Formula column.
Well, maybe some day this will be implemented

Absolutely! I can convert this into a feature request for you, so our other community members can vote :pray: