Auto-Populate Due Dates (not just to send notifications)

Hi, y’all. I am new to Monday and just trying to figure out if it will be a good fit for our non-profit. One of our biggest needs – and what would prevent us from using any program that doesn’t have it – is auto populating due dates.

We work with at-risk kids, foster and adoption kids. When we take in a child, we have a series of deadlines for each one following the intake date where we have to submit work to DHHR.

So, John Doe’s intake date is 11/19/2020… when the case worker puts that date in, I need a program that will create Due Dates in the following columns for 5 days after intake, 7 days after intake, 14 days after intake, and 30 days after intake. We do not want to leave it up to the case manager to always be filling in these dates – too much human error for DHHR.

Excel/Sheets has this function, but lacks a lot of Monday’s integration and views.

Is there a way to currently add this feature that I haven’t found?

Hey - it can be achieved by:

  1. Setting up a Number column for each period of time (in days) from the intake date to the next due date, you can format it as days (via the settings) for clarity and hide it once set.
  2. Create a Date columns for each due date.
  3. Create an automation which can be found under Due Dates and called: “When date changes, adjust another date by the number of days in number
  4. Use the Intake date as the first date reference, use your next due date as the another date reference and then use the period of item specified in your number column as the final number reference

Then repeat for each Due Date you’ve set up referencing the different number columns to adjust it accordingly.

It’s how we’ve managed to achieve this. Not sure if there’s an alternative but it works well for us and allows us to forecast multiple dates from one final live date (in our case).

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Thank you, @stg! This does get us to where we want, but it is so convoluted, I am not sure our team of nurses and social workers will want to deal with it. I have a feeling, we will be staying with Sheets.

No problem - you can automate some of it if the numbers each date is pushed are consistent. For example we have 4 dates which get set of one live date, we know those 4 dates are always W, X, Y, Z number of days from the live date and can use the Default Values for a pulse to have them auto-populate when an item is created and thus remove the headache. Appreciate it doesn’t work however if those number values change.