Auto-updating deadline columns from google calendar events

Is it possible auto-update date columns in a monday board from a google calendar event?
My contract software (CTMe) will sync with my google calendar in the form of an appt. For example, if the inspection objection is due on 9/16/2020 then I will see an appt on that date labeled “Inspection Objection Due: Client Name - Property Address”. It also has details in the description. However, I can’t seem to push or pull that into monday.
How do I get it to update a designated date column in monday when the status is changed to “Under Contract”?
Any thoughts? I’m also using Zapier.

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This is definitely possible to set up on Zapier, as long as the values you are passing to your board are formatted properly as JSON. The Date column value you’d want to update also needs to be formatted in a way that our API would accept. Sending “Sept 16, 2020” from Google Calendar would not work, but sending 2020-09-16 would work. In Zapier, this should be the Event Begins value (not the pretty one):

You can find more information on JSON formatting here:

Hope this helps!