Automate - connect tasks from one board to different groups in other board


Board 1:
I have different boards that map out different projects. These boards have several task groups for the different stages of each project. Each task has a timeline (2 weeks) set.

Board 2:
The second board is an overview board for our sprint meetings - this board has a task group for each sprint (2 weeks).

The two boards are connected and several columns (among them the timeline) are mirrored. Is there a way to automate this - meaning, that when a task in the project board (Board 1) receives a certain timeline, the task automatically is also shown in the matching timeline group in sprints board (Board 2)?

Thank you!

Hi There!

I would think of it this way:

For all tasks, they are associated with specific sprints based upon dates. However you are more worried about the sprints being assigned correctly. So what is possible is:

  1. Sprint Tracker - have the dates of the sprints auto create based on time and have an automated ID for your sprints that will associate with these tasks.

  2. Scrum Board - all tasks will be hosted here but having a connected column to the sprint tracker to ensure it is signed to the right sprint.

  3. Match Automation - you can base this on dates so that the date of the sprint that matches the due date of the task will auto associate the task to the correct sprint.

Hope this helps and if you need to talk this out happy to do that!

Mike B
Automation Architect

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Thank you, Mike! This has helped a lot.