Automate Many-to-One relations

There are a number of automations that will create connections through boards by creating a new record and connecting, and even one that can create a connection when a value changes, but in all of these cases, it is impossible to automate a connection of one-to-many. This can be done manually by selecting multiple records while creating a connection, but it cannot be done automatically.

I have a set of repeating tasks being generated from a template board, and would like to view a dashboard with all of the tasks consolidated in one place, so progress can be tracked for all of them in one location, without all of the expanded detail. Since the tasks are regenerated each week, a new connection must be formed each week as well.

Whether it is an automation that can select a group to connect, and all of the items within that group, or tracking a value along the lines of a key identifier.

hi @d.vogl

Welcome to the community! I’m not sure I get your use case for the full 100%. It looks like you can benefit from this app Apps Marketplace. The RMB app let you create detail board (based on a monday template) from a master board. The detailboard is automatically “mapped” to the item in the master board. You can then use recipes to watch any column in the detail board(s) - multiple detail boards = multiple items in the master - and aggregate values to the master board columns. Like min, max, avg, sum, timeline, %Done etc.

More info can be found here