Automate sending "secure email address" for updates

I couldn’t find something specifically about this already addressed…

I would like to automate Monday to send a message to an assignee requesting that they provide feedback in the form of an item update. I’d like to send the email link to do that as not all of our assignees are Monday users nor are they all within the organization.

So, they’d get an email that says "please send an email with your update to “this address” where “this address” is the secure “update via email” address for that item.

I can’t find a way to automatically send that address out.

Hey Eric,

Let me know if this helps!

You can obtain the updates email address here:

And copy the email address into an email column in your board/item:

This way, when setting up the automation to notify the specific user, you can include that email column in the notify/email field of the automation:

Is this along the lines of what you’re looking to achieve? :pray:

Thank you. Yes. I know where to obtain the email address, but I’d like to automate that rather then having to manually copy and paste for each item. I’m guessing that’s not currently possible so that would make this a feature request.

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Adding this as a feature would be an excellent addition and time saver.