Automated email needs to be more specific - Item updates

Hi! It would be great if the email contents in the attached screenshot showed the item name. This particular job folder (SLG54620) has 30 items/subfolders and after seeing the email, I have to go to the Monday board to see which item Adolfo is addressing and then go solve the problem on our server. For high volume companies, this would save time.


I’m fairly new to Monday, but I had a similar problem. I found out a workaround this by changing the automation rule. You can set up to send an e-mail, not a notification, and in it you can customize what fields you want to mention, including the files, and rename the e-mail’s subject.

Hi @luizamachado ,

I encountered the same issue but the ‘notify’ in automation does not contain field of subject. I dont use gmail account:

see below:

can you please help to improve it?


We don’t use gmail on our company either. I created one just to send the automations. I’m not a part on Monday’s team, I’m just an user, and would love for Monday to improve the notification automation as well! I just thought it would be helpful to share the workaround I am using, at least we managed to operate while we wait for this feature is lauched.

Even though with this problem, we are loving monday where I work. I hope you can find it useful too!

Thanks Luiza for your reply and sharing.

However, I find Monday seem to be slow in improving their basic features.

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