Email Notification Email Text should not be put into Subject line

When you create a Notification automation, and it emails, it stuffs the contents of the entire email into the subject line.

Subject should be a field and separate from the body text.

Affect: Email notifications go out to clients looking horrible and unprofessional because of this. If you bring up this email in web email client, you literally have to scroll down through the subject to get to the email. It just looks bad.

Thank you!

Couldn’t agree more. Without this feature, email notifications from monday are more or less useless because of how unprofessional they appear in the recipient’s email inbox.

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I have also run into this issue with a client and would love to hear if a solution is in the works.

This is also an issue I’m trying to fix too.
The subject needs to be a setting, not a giant list of information that ruins the functionality of notifications.

I’d like to be informed when this is addressed.
Please let us know if a solution for this is found or if the issue is fixed.

I just found out that there is a different automation that can be selected. Either “gmail” or “outlook” instead of “notify” It seems like that adds the control to set the subject.

The email feature unfortunately doesn’t support subitem information so the only option is the “notify” feature with a full subject line.

This is so annoying and unprofessional looking. It should be possible to edit the Subject line

This seems like really low hanging fruit.

The way these alerts come across does look very unprofessional.

Thanks for voting!

Completely agree!

I agree, this would be a vast improvement on the notification feature.

Hello @meddle01,
You can also try EasyMails app to design (drag and drop builder). you can choose the board columns in the subject and body too.

Totally agree here. I don’t want to use the email feature since it has to be connected to a Gmail account. If I leave my job, the automation would fail. Updating the subject line in the notification feature is more sustainable for the program in the long run.

Any update? I’m a bit shocked this hasn’t been addressed. You can do this in AirTable and it’s immensely useful.


You can use EasyMails app to customise your subject and boy of the email.
It has drag & drop Email template designer, you can use your column as placeholder in your email template.

Hello @meddle01

Check out EasyMails where you can customize your mail template using drag and drop editor.
You can use that as a notification emails using personal branding.