Notifications via automations to email

There is something wrong when you configure a notification, ignores the spaces, enters, or tabulation between the titles and fields you want to notify, in result you receive an email without spaces between every field which is very messy …




I’ve tried adding “
” as line break. This works for the notifications you view on itself on the browser. However, it shows “
” in the email text.

Yes, i´ve tried something like “/” but anyway it doesnt look good.

Were there any improvements on this topic?

Hi @hlopezvc, @Cristina, & @IchbinAlf, - Melissa here from Support! At this time, the email notifications do not support custom formatting. This is something that has been brought to the attention of our product team, so stay tuned for continued improvements to the platform!


Any word on getting this fixed up? The email notifications sure look messy.

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yes any news?

Hi Team and
Any updates?

This would be a huge improvement to our experience with email notifications (which currently aren’t very useful because including any level of detail inside the notification message causes those details to get lost in the clutter).

It looks like folks have been asking for this for quite a while, and it doesn’t seem like it would be particularly difficult or time consuming from a development perspective. Just wondering if this is anywhere on the roadmap.

I had the same problem, but I found a simple way to fix it, just replace any card return for "<“br>” (just de braces and the br) that is the equivalent of a CR in html. It works just fine.

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