Form designer for Monday Notification or Email Integration

One of the more powerful tools on is the internal notifcations or email integration. This modules are similar to set up, and work in a similar way. The infomation can be personalized selecting the pulse data to display to the user/guest (internal notification) or the customer/others in case of email integrations. But!..

The information from the pulse data we have previously select is displayed in plain text and doesnt not interpret the CR (carriage return) or Enter key pressed, so if i want to notificate a pulse in this way:

Text message for ex. “Reminder to call …”

Customer name (Customer Name)

Age (Age)

Address (Address)

Monday will show in web browser app, email body (except only in android app) the next string:

Reminder to Call Customer Name Age Address

This is shown without carriage returns, all in continuous string…

So, my request is to fix this, but beyond that, why don’t make this different, why don’t have a notification form designer in order to make the notification fully customizable, managing different kind of form styles, adding logos, frames, images, setting the pulse data position on the screen, giving an apparience more like a form (as we all know it was the MsAccess form designer).