Automate timeline duration with specific number of Days


I am needing a solution for the following board automation. We use 2 timeline columns in our marketing projects. First timeline column is for due date range and the second is for in-market tracking. Is there a way to automated the in-market timeline column to be set by # of days post final date of the due date column and with a range?

So if we have a social post that is being posted on July 4 - 6, I want the in-market column to automate a 14 day range post the final date. In-Market range July 6 - 20.

Is this possible?

Hey @Abbie.Navickas - This is beyond the limitations of monday however you could utilize 3rd party apps to manage this scenario. General Caster would be an excellent candidate. It does have a free tier based on usage.

This way on change of Due Date, you could set a formula to change the market timeline.

The following formula would work:

CONCATENATE(TEXT(DATEVALUE(LEFT({item’s DueDate}, 10)) + 2, “YYYY-MM-DD”), “+”, TEXT(DATEVALUE(RIGHT({item’s DueDate}, 10)) + 14, “YYYY-MM-DD”))

Hope this helps!