Automated download of files onto my onedrive/computer

Dear community

Is there a way to download files automated from the file column onto my computer? We created a form where people upload certain files. And I would like to automatically save the files on my computer.

Thank you for your answers

Hi @Kaj,

Last time I looked this was, unfortunately, not possible, even via the API. We also required some functionality similar to this. In the end I had to use Airtable, which allowed me to create the form and ingest the files, then Zapier to automate the file transfer to Dropbox (but you could do OneDrive). Zapier then pushed the data from the Airtable form into the appropriate Monday board, and populated a column with a link to the Dropbox share with the files. It works very nicely and Monday is still the central system where all the work occurs, it’s just easier to link to the files elsewhere rather than store them in Monday itself (the data allowance isn’t huge in any case so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to be archiving files there).

I hope this makes sense. Feel free to reach out if you require any further information.


Hey @Kaj,

Thanks for posting! Matt is right, unfortunately. I’m afraid there’s no way to download files automatically from the file column. The way to go would be to manually download the files for now.

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