Save file to a file column automatically from a link column


It would be nice if could be a way to save a file in the board in a file columns, triggering it automatically from a link provided in a link column?

At the moment is possible to add the link of a file to a file column, but is not saving the actual file in that columns, it is just redirecting to it location using the link.

For example there are some apps that are providing a link to a file in a link column, but they are not keeping the file in their servers for a long time. It is possible to manually download the file from the link column in the board and then add it manually uploading it to the board again to a file column.

So, it would be nice, for automate workflow processes… if it could be possible to use an automation in the board to save the actual file in a file columns automatically using the link provided in another link column.

Thanks a lot!