Pulse file download/upload automations

Is there currently a way to automate via integrations the downloading of files within a pulse or to upload files in a pulse to say a google drive folder via zapier or something similar? A lot of my processes involved clients uploading files, which I then need to save to my gdrive files or other cloud based apps. Am finding most of my time for each job is simply downloading files from monday and then saving and uploading to where I need them - would really be great if there was a way to make this less manual. Any ideas/tips would be appreciated.

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I have the same issue and question! Hope the monday team can answer with a solution or suggested process!

Thanks guys. Right now, we don’t have this option available.

I’m interested to hear why you need to download files to upload them elsewhere? What other tools are you looking to upload them to as perhaps we will consider integrating with these tools in the future to allow files to be uploaded to both places?

I’m using ShareFile as my online document storage solution. An integration would be great.

For my team, we file all project documents on a shared Google Drive. We need the file uploaded by clients to be stored on this shared Google Drive. When I click on the documents column of the pulse and then click “From Google Drive”, nothing loads either (never-ending loading circle).

Hey @lambentdream

That sounds like a bug! Can you drop a video showing the behaviour to us to support@monday.com so we can troubleshoot from there?

Hi Julia, looks like it was just because I had never officially linked my Google Drive. Now that I Have, it loads fine. Just still would be nice to have a quick way to download all files in a pulse rather than one-by-one.