Automated item creation

so we have a list of a task that shifts in responsibility in a team of three people and slightly adapts every 3 weeks. I don’t really understand how I can automate this.
The rule is:
The item is due every monday
every 3 weeks the name of the item changes
the responsibility for the item sticks for 2 weeks for one person and then shifts to the next (this can be changed, if it helps)
With automasations I can choose to create an item in a timely manner, but I don’t think it works with our variety. Is there a workaround?

Hey there!

There isn’t a way to change the name item via automations except to create new items.

Would you consider a workflow where you created new items every 3 weeks and archived the old ones?

What do you think about this?

Hi Charlotte,
thanks for the reply. Yeah, I already thought of that, but what about the other two weeks, where theitem has a different name? I can’t really set a rule, can I? So I can only choose to create an item every week or every three weeks. If I combine these two, then every three weeks I will have two items.