Automated sub-tasks for new items and automatically adjusted due dates where there is a change in timeline.

Hi There, I run a small financial planning business.
Our workflow often has a variety of sub-tasks that are needed to be sequenced in the same order and due dates for each of our clients.
We often try to follow a T +/- approach to setting due dates for the relevant tasks.
Sometimes the clieints will change their timelines and with this, all of the subtasks due dates will often need to be changed accordingly. Is there a way to;

  1. Create a set of sub-tasks based on a template that can be triggered when needed in each item (client)

  2. Is there a way that when a specific date is changed (Meeting X) that the due dates for the sub-tasks are also automatically adjusted for the change.

For example - new client comes on board on 1 Jan 2023 - An item is created for hte client “xxx” is triggered and creates a set of subtask for the client. Each Sub task has a due date that correlates to the starting date - i.e. Task A is due T+3 start date so would be 4th Jan 2023, Task B is Due 7 days after start date so would be 8th Jan 2023 etc.

Any help you could offer is greatly appreciated.


Hello @_Netto_Marcus !

Welcome to the monday community! :muscle:

Unfortunately, what you are requesting is not possible to do only via monday. The problem is that we cannot create subitems that have a “dynamic” date, meaning we can create subitems that would have an initial date that is always the same date ( for example the 1st of January).

By using something like, we can overcome these restrictions.

If you are interested in professional assistance, our team would be very glad to help. You can contact us at or set up an appointment with us here.

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

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Hey @_Netto_Marcus !

We developed an app that solves the second points (adjust subitem’s due dates when parent date changes) and we’re currently working on a new version that will solve for your first request (should be out next week).

As for your second request, you can use the following automation -

So every time the date changes it the subitem date’s will change to the same value.

Or you can use this automation if you need to have some offset between the two dates and they are not exactly the same →

All you need is a date column on the item level, a date column on the subitem level and a numbers column. The numbers column is the offset between the item and the subitem so each subitem can have it’s own offset. And you can tweak it between days/weeks/months

You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here -

If you have any questions you can also reach me at

Hope that helps!

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Thank for your advice. It is greatly appreciated I will definitely reach out should we need any additional assistance.

Hi There,
Thank you so much for your detailed reply. This was really helpful.
I will give these “recipes” a go now and look forward to trying your app as well :slight_smile:

Hey @_Netto_Marcus - these recipes are available as part of the app.

You can find it in the marketplace (here), add it to your account and test it out.

Cheers, Daniel.

Hi there,
Hope you are well,
I have been using the app the last few days and it has been really great! thank you so much for introducing me to it.
One thing I did notice is that when using the “offset date by a specific amount of days” feature it does not work when the offset is a negative.
i.e. the parent item date is 10th June - which is a date in the future - I would like a subitem due date to be due to on the 9th - I set the offset column to a negative figure (-1) but nothing appears in the subitem due date column.

not sure if I am doing something wrong or not here.

Thanks in advance,

Best regards

Marcus Netto

Hey Marcus!

First of all, I’m excited you find the app useful!

We’ve tested the app multiple times with negative numbers and it always worked the exact same way as positive numbers so I suspect the problem might be something else.

I’m following up via email so we can dive in and solve this issue asap.

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Hi Team,
Thanks again for your reply.
I have recently been getting error messages anytime I try to use the app.

Would that be because I am not a paid user?
I have even attempted to become a paid subscriber but for some reason, there is now where I can see that would allow me to subscribe.

Any assistance you could offer is greatly appreciated.

Best regards

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