Automatically fill out entire column, like in excel

Hello, so to give you context on how this would be helpful, at my job we work a lot with exchange rate and sometime when we get a fixed exchange rate, say, 1.3504 Euro, i need to apply this rate to half of my data in my column, which represent about 80 elements. I have to enter hand by hand 1.3504 to those 80 elements in my column, which is time consuming. Would it be possible to add something like a drop down button, like in excel when you can apply a data to many cells just by selecting and dropping the data. Ive attached picture of the feature in excel as to help understand!
In summary, I just want to able to add the same data to say, 80 cells without having to do it one by one and without having to use a default value to the whole board.

Hello @rosecote,
To fill multiple rows at once, select the all items you want to update and enter the value in one of the selected items. All the other selected items will be filled as well :slight_smile:

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