Automatically populate Invoice values from information on my board

I have my invoices set up with information prepopulating such as the client contact details. however, I have to manually input the body of the invoice

  1. Value of the invoice (already captured in a field on the board)
  2. My bank account details (these are the same for every single invoice)
  3. T&C’s of the business (also the same for every invoice)

Surely there should be a way for these to be automated?

Yes so relevant !

The ‘’ add notes ‘’ section at the bottom of the invoices should be autopopulated as it is now with the contact informtion of my company. I’d like to autopopulate our taxe account number

Also I’dlike to see the amount of taxes in dollars $ (not only in percentege %) and the subtotal for all the items of the invoice. Please look at the picture for reference.

Hi. Here is how you can automatically populate Invoice values from information on your monday board into a PDF invoice you can share with your customers. This was done using a marketplace apps called GetSign

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Hey @EventsClinic have you tried the Integration for QuickBooks on the app marketplace?

It allows you to create and send invoices in your account using autosynced info from your QuickBooks account.

Check out the listing to learn more and start a free trial!

To automate the process of populating the value of the invoice, your bank account details, and the terms and conditions (T&Cs) in InvoiceNinja, you can utilize templates and custom fields. First, log in to InvoiceNinja and navigate to Settings, then Templates and Reminders. Here, you can set up your default invoice templates using placeholders to insert dynamic content such as the invoice value, client details, and other fields that change per invoice. InvoiceNinja supports placeholders for common fields, such as the total amount for the invoice value. For bank account details and T&Cs, you can add these as static text directly in your default invoice template, ensuring they appear on every invoice without needing manual input each time. If you need additional custom fields, you can create them by navigating to Settings, then Custom Fields. Adding new custom fields for any specific information you want to include in your invoices ensures that these details are automatically populated. The mobile invoice value should populate based on the items and services added to the invoice, so ensure that your items and services are set up correctly with their respective prices. By setting up your templates with placeholders and static information, Invoice will automatically fill in the invoice value, bank details, and T&Cs for every invoice you create, saving time and reducing manual entry errors.