Automatically tag tasks - Add tag column to automation center

It would be great if the tag column was available in the automations centre, so that we can automatically add tags to project tasks based on different triggers that happen within the board. Upper level management at my organisation need to be able to quickly find tasks related to certain topics, and the topic is not always in the item name, so we tag the items and they search for what they need via the tag function. It’s senseless to bulk tag items manually when you already have such great automation features on the platform!

What exact business problems are being solved with the tags? What specific insights are being gained using them? What events and criteria would set them, trigger when this changes to this and date is this?

Basically, if monday can see the actual business problems being solved it makes it an easier sell - not just the general “so upper management can see certain topics” (what are those topics - such as overdue, high value projects, VIP customers, etc.)