Tags in automations and forms

In recent months our boards have been getting bigger and bigger. In most cases, everyone in our company will touch every project at some point and as a result our ‘main’ board is approaching 100 columns and many hundreds of pulses. We plan to break it up by department/role etc. for each team to manage themselves but at times anyone could need to view any other department’s information.

So we’ve turned to using tags across the boards. Every project has a unique project ID stored in a tag column. We love that we can then click on the tag and view the company wide information relating to that project. But we’re running up against 2 specific limitations that are making this not scalable:

  1. Tags cannot the used in forms. We use forms a lot to request services from other departments. Being able to quickly include the project ID crucial. Yes, our current workaround is to put it in a text column but then we need to manually enter it into the tag column after the form is submitted

  2. Tags cannot be passed in the Item Creation automations. Often, we will want to use an automation to create a pulse in another board. Again, it is key here that we can pass the project ID through to that pulse. I can set the tag in the other board be filled from pretty much any column type, except a tag column!

We see tags as the future of our Monday.com deployment as our adoption continues to grow but we’re at at roadblock. We would love to see these 2 features specifically ASAP but any development around tags in general will be huge for us!

Seconded. Using Tags as Project IDs is the only way forward for our studio where we have at least 20-30 projects in progress at any given moment. It would be ideal if Forums could integrate all columns available as we similarly use Forums for inter-departmental requests, where each forum is customized to the varying needs of the departments.

@brianzhang, we found a workaround to this issue that might work for you.

In the form we collect the project ID in a text column. After that we have an automation that says, when new item is created, create a new item in another board. The other board is identical to the first but rather than a text column for the project ID, it’s a tag column. The first board with the form is hidden for everyone so seeing the duplicate is not confusing but that create new item in another board column allows for passing a text column into a tag column.

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@JTC thanks for the reply! That sounds like a good workaround for now. Duplicate hidden boards sounds like a necessary (in this case) inconvenience (especially if columns or other template-related aspects are continuously being improved by departments).

Monday: further improvements on Tag integrations & Form customization capabilities would great!

It actually worked out pretty well for us as we were collecting a lot of information via a form that we funneled into 2 separate boards based on who needs to see what. Essentially we have a hidden “inbox” board that has the form and then when the form is completed is creates items on a Sales board and a Development board. The form asks for a Project ID as text but we’re able to then have it eventually show up as tags in the Sales and Dev boards.