Tag Automations

Is there any way I’m missing to automate tag additions for new items?

I’d like new items created in specific groups to have a tag automatically created in the tags column. It doesn’t look there are any tag automations available.


Hey @aaron.mc, at the moment there’s no way to automate tag additions for new items. Could you elaborate on why you were looking to do this—where it would it fit into your workflow? I’d love to see if we could brainstorm a workaround, like using the status column instead.

Our marketing agency has regular monthly clients on retainer that have various needs for graphic design, print, website revisions, articles, etc.

We have separate boards for each client with groups based on the type of task (creative, website, content, video production, etc) but the challenge there is for my creative team to be able to see all creative work across all boards. So we were going to try to use tags as a way to accomplish this through search everything, so I was hoping to automate a “#creative” tag for anything added to a creative group on a client’s board.

Honestly, the use case for this is a workaround for the lack of features in the My Week area. If we had a timeline calendar view in My Week or if the dashboard limits didn’t exist I wouldn’t need this.

My team struggles with seeing all of their assigned work across all boards prior to the date it’s due.

Automation for Tags in emails sent to Boards

If #tag was included anywhere in the body of an email sent to a Board, it would be great if there was an automation that added the #tag to the TAGS column.