Automating an E-Mail onboarding sequence

this is my first post so please bear with me if it isn’t perfect_

I am working for an NPO. They are getting new members into their program and want to greet them professionally. Part of that is, to send an Onboarding email sequence of six emails. One right after they sigend up. And then one every week exactly 7 days after the last one.

Question 1:

  • If you were to do this in one board - how would you structure board and automation tasks? (Especially, knowing that every week would be a different email and template)
  • If you were to do this with one board only for member data and another one for the onboarding process - how would you
    – link the two
    – structure the boards
    – create a process that allows you to select specific entries from the member data board to be now “onboarded”

Thank you!

Hey @BGK0311,

Would a structure like this work for you?

Essentially, you would utilise a status label to identify each stage of the email process. From there you would need to create an automation specific to each status label that triggers that specific email - this way you can customise the email for each stage. It also works to push the date by 7 days at each stage…

This set up would also require the members to be listed in the board as items, which would trigger the initial welcome email:

Let me know what you think!

Hi @BiancaT ,
first - thank you for your help - it nearly worked :wink:
Ind it’s a strange one. I now spent time with second level support and even got my own screen-sharing session (which I am very thankful for) to figure out that it does not work as I expect it to (at least from your description) but there is a workaround.

Let me explain: The “when” statement seems to be triggered at a certain time.

For all 6 (except the first one) the structure is identical. Problem is that the “and only” part seems to be optional for Monday. So even though the criterions are different for every automation. they get sometimes (!!!) triggered anyways at the same time, even though the data does not support them being triggered

Second Level tells me the only thing I can do is to trigger the automation at different times.
To me this points towards a larger issue.

Thanks for getting back to me @BGK0311 :pray:

I am glad to hear you were able to get some help from our support team via a screen-share, however apologise that it seems you’ve run into a limitation here… From my understanding it appears that there might be a race condition issue here, where whilst the criteria might be different (i.e. that AND statement), because the initial action (when date arrives) is used across those the 6 recipes, it can cause the recipes to race trigger first as they all start with the same action - does this make sense? That said, are all the dates (used in the opening action, “when date arrives”) the same across those 6 recipes?

Hi @BiancaT it sounds really strange coming from a DB-Development background. The “AND” statement should make that completely impossible, and, especially as the second recipe that is triggered has also it’s own “And” statement which condition isn’t met it is hard to see how that would be an issue.

As for your question, yes we had all the “when date arrives” run at the same time. Changing that seems to take care of the problem but is more than an inconvenience because my target audience should be able to expect well timed emails rather than every email at a different time.