Simple email sequencing


I wish to create a simple email sequencing automation; When a date arrives, an email is sent. if there’s no reply from the prospect and a few days has gone by, another email is sent. and so on for 6-7 emails until there’s a reply.

this is what I’ve done so far, I’ve set this automations, but they aren’t function well.

When a new item is created in a board an email is sent to it. and a status is set to “#1

“Last Reach Out date” is set to today

“Next Reach out date” is push by 3 days.

if the email is opened, a status changes to “Viewed”

if a reply is received a status changes to “Replied”

When due date arrives and no reply, send the 2nd email and set a status to #2.

And so on until some conditions are met.

for some reason the emails that are being sent “Cannot be tracked” which prevent me from understading if I should email again and continue the sequence.

I am using the Outlook, “send an email to email” automation.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong, but is there a way to set up this kind of a thing without having to use an external service like MailChimp?