Automation -Everytime has no Quarterly and Yearly

Hi Experts,
I need your advice on settup up Automation with Everytime… There are only Daily, Weekly and monthly are available. How can we set it up with Quarterly and Yearly.
Regards Kevin

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Hi there,

You can easily do this by using Make.

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Hi Kevin,

I’ve worked around this by using “Monthly every 3 months” for quarterly, and “monthly every 12 months” for annually. Would that work for you?

Happy monday Monday :rocket:


thanks a lot for introduction…

It is a great idea…Superb… Thanks Shawna…Will take it up… Rgds Kevin

Problem is they dont give you a start date option so every automation assume its a quarter beginning in january. ie if you put every three months/qtr but wanted it to be Feb/May/Aug/Nov it won’t do it because it does it from Jan which is annoying to say the least. Its such a simple rule but they are not interested in fixing it