Automation: Every month on Tuesday of 3rd week

I have several monthly items I want to add an automation for that are based on a specific day of a specific week in the month. I’m not sure how to set this up with the current automation choices. Very new to this and wasn’t able to find another user with this type of request.

To be more clear, I have 3 groups of items in my board (Daily, Weekly, Monthly). I’ve been able to set up the Daily and Weekly automations, but the monthly is proving to be difficult with my specific needs. I’d appreciate any help on this.

Hey @charleybea

Am I correct that you need certain things doing on e.g. 10th of the month each month therefore saying every 30 days won’t work?

Just want to clarify before advising but if so, I don’t think we have an automation to support your needs right now!


Yes, I believe so – Say I want to automate a task on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. I can’t say the 19th of this month because the 19th of the next month won’t work. Any ideas?

That’s a great idea @charleybea. I’d like to also add that it’d be great if we could pick a day in the future for the automations. Like I need to do something on the 7th of February, May, August & November. But the way it’s set now is you have to remember to create the auotmation on that day and then set it for every 3 months.

Thanks Krishele, I think this feature would be handy for others too. Hopefully they consider adding it in a future edition.

For now, I’ve just created my monthly tasks and set an automation to duplicate it each month. I’ll manually edit them at the start of the month.