Automation for Archive

I know there is an option when date arrives and status change to archive the item. But I have checkmark option and I want to archive the item when checkmark is there and status changed to Done. I tried to create my custom automation, but couldn’t see archive item option.

hi @sumeyye.aydin
I don’t think there is a possibility to do that with automation (at this moment). You can however create a custom integration recipe as the API does support sending an item to the archive. I can develop and support this (including the hosting on my servers on the internet) as a custom project. The estimated cost for this is approx. 60 Euro. Let me know if you are interested.

Hey @sumeyye.aydin, like @basdebruin mentioned, it’s not possible to archive items based on a checkmark trigger in premade automations (which support status and dates as triggers to archive items) or in custom automations (which don’t support archiving items, although our autopilot team is constantly adding more functionalities to the custom automations).

Can I ask why you are using the checkmark column? Would using the status column instead of the checkmark column work instead?