Recurring automation to archive daily/weekly/etc?

I’ve found the recurring automation to create a new item daily, but is there a way to set a recurring automation to archive or delete items daily/weekly at a certain time?

Hello @jstreight,

Yes you can use any of these three automations. You can combined them with other automations depending on your scenario.

  • When a status changes to something, archive the item
  • When date arrives, archive the item
  • When date arrives and a status is something, archive the item

Hope it helps,


I’m now seeing a little bit of a disconnect because I can duplicate a group daily, but can only archive items, so I’m left with never ended duplicate groups that are empty that have to be manually deleted. Is there a way that I’m missing to archive/delete an entire group either daily/weekly (not tied to a specific date) or after every item has been archived?


Yes currently, you should perform this clean up manually with the existing automations.