Archive tasks after I change the status to Done

Hello I face a problem with weekly tasks, after couple days of work I had to many tasks on main board and I would like them to disappear somewhere after my team change the status from “working on it” to “Done” I know there is a filter but it’s annoying all the time to change. On other planing platforms after I change the status to done, tasks are moving to the archive and it’s easy.

Hey @Simascoboris ,

You can set up automation:

I think that’s basically what you need :slight_smile:


Hi Marko, thank you for information. Where can I find setup for automation? I’m trying to find it and couldn’t find

The button that is rounded with red. It will open automation center for current board where you can set lots of different automation rules. You can set different automatons for different boards, each board can have its own set or rules.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you Marko! That definitely work!

Been testing this out for archiving stuff after a certain time and when it’s marked as Done. This is my working solution for it.

I have exactly same thing. That is the best one i managed to figure out for now

Obviously first automation that triggers is bottom one and then upper.