History or timeline on when work was done/finished


We have about 100 boards with items/tasks. And we are looking for a way to see when work (an item/task) was done/finished in the past. This across all our boards .

This would enable us to see how fast work has been done within a timeframe. And which month or week was productive or not.

We tried cumulative flow charts (burn up/burn down). But these are limited to a board. not across all our 100 boards.

Hi @Jappa - I would create a new “archive” board with the same design as the current boards.

If the task doesn’t need to be retained on the original board once marked as done, you could have an automation move the task to the archive board. If it needs to be retained, you could have an automation duplicate the task, then move it to a different board.

This way all completed tasks will be on a single board to make life easier for reporting.
Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your reply. That was the only solution I could think of. The items need to be retained, so it will need the use of a duplication automation.

And from the new board, you could make a dashboard that shows the “growth” of completed task in time?

And I think I need to put a date column in. With an automation to set date to “today” the moment the item is moved to this new board.

Otherwise I won’t have a graph with date task completed.