Average time to complete a task


We have repeating tasks each day (ex. completing a support request by the customer support team).
We are using the time tracking column and automation to track how long it takes for the task to be completed.
As the management, we want to know the average time it took to complete a task, either in the board or in a dashboard.
I see that the time tracking column only shows the total time but not possible to change it to average time.
How can it be done? (and not with an app that costs $50 a month…)

Waiting forward for a reply, Monday team?
Thank you.

Hi @OrSeaNRent - what you could consider is utilize a formula column that is displaying the number of hours (or minutes) from the Time Tracking column, you can then visualize the average in the footer of the group/board or in a number widget in a dashboard.




Hope this helps!

It works perfectly, thank you!