Creat a column of Average Time

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Is there a time function? I need to enter data on how long the user stays inside the app, so for example:
01:20:33 (1 hour, 20 minutes and 33 seconds)

Is there such a function? Because I through that with this I would also be able to create a dashboard of history and average time that the user stays in the application…

Hi @iamleticialopes :wave:

You might like to use The Time Tracking Column for this.
It will allow you to track time in real-time, using a play and pause button.

You can also add manual time logs, which sound like they could be useful in this specific case.
As the time tracking column is specifically designed to log periods of time, it will allow you to see the time in the correct format:

This also has the advantage of being compatible with The Time Tracking Widget, which you can use on a dashboard to summarise time logs.

Does this sound like it could be an option for you?
Alternatively, you could also look at using two Hour Column’s.
You could use one to denote the start time, and one to denote the end time, and then use a Formula column to calculate the duration. That said, this would be less compatible with the Dashboard widgets than the Time tracking option.

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Sorry Dany, I didn’t see your reply. I don’t think it’s exactly a solution, it’s more of a shortcut! But it works for now. However, it would be interesting to think about having the option of just typing the time without having to adjust the date and time :slight_smile:

Have a nice xmas :christmas_tree:

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