Automation for Board Exported to Excel and Emailed

Wanting the ability to have a table exported and emailed automatically every day as this is currently a manual process.


I think this would be a nice addition to monday. In the meantime, if you can live without the formatting, this is relatively easy to do in Integromat.


I would also welcome an “Export to Excel” function which can be used via “Automation”.
We would then use these for backup purposes, for example.

So for example:

“When a new item is created, export the board to Excel / save it to Sharepoint.”


“Export the board to Excel on a daily basis.”


How can I export a board to excel daily and automatically?


Please create an automation that would export an entire board to Excel on a certain date and email the file/link to certain users.


No update for this very useful (potential) feature? :expressionless:


I would like to have the ability to schedule a regular occurrence of a board export, or a view. Views would be even better. Could have an option right in Export window to schedule an occurrence.

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Hi Jim, I need this for my company, would you contact me to explore a collaboration?


You can contact me here: contact – The Monday Man.

Jim - The Monday Man
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Hi is there any updates about this?

I have clients asking for this feature. Finance love their excel sheets!!


Hey community,

the following is a potential solution if you are okay with using a third party app @Rach12 @James.Deguara

We just released a major update on Spreadsheet Gorilla yesterday that does exactly what you are asking for: Recurrently export a board to Excel and email it as an attachment with an automation.

However, the function is still somehow in Beta, as we have not yet had the opportunity to test it on a large scale. Nevertheless, we would be happy to receive your feedback.

How it basically works, once you have installed the app:

  1. Create and open a spreadsheet template in the app
  2. Create and edit a new message (= email text)
  3. Save the message and the spreadsheet template
  4. Open the automation center and search for “spreadsheet”
  5. Choose the most fitting automation template and set it up

Find some more details about the workflow including screenshots here.

Let me know what you think.

– Markus from Gorilla Apps


This would be interesting for a lot of people I guess. I read your page but I did not get a sense of how much manipulation I can do with the date before sending as an attachment.

Can you filter the board or restrict the columns to be included?
What formatting can you perform on the excel sheet before sending?
What file formats will be supported or is this restricted to XLS format.



Hey @James.Deguara,

I need to agree, that our website doesn’t provide too much of an in-depth documentation at the moment – we will be working on that. But back to your questions:

The date that triggers the automation can be daily, weekly or monthly at a specific time. It’s the default date picker provided by automations – “Every time period…” do this or that. I might got you wrong here?!

Regarding filters and column restrictions, I can confirm that. The spreadsheet template lets you remove, add and even resort columns to your needs – without the need to touch your actual board. We will be releasing additional custom filters in about 1-2 weeks, that will let you narrow down the board data even more specific. Think of only including board items that have e.g. status set to done, as a simple example.

Custom formatting is sadly non-existent at this point. The Excel file is exported as is, pretty plain and focused on the data itself. We have plans on the roadmap, to let one inject a preformatted “Excel template” before exporting. But that feature does not have priority, since it’s not demanded by many people. If that is what you had in mind.

File formats are indeed currently limited to XLS since we just deployed the automation feature yesterday. But we plan to add an automation for CSV too pretty soon. Did you have any specific file format in mind?

Let me know if you have any further questions, I’m happy to help.

– Markus