Automation for Email receiving without email column connection

I really like to use the emails and activities, because this makes the workflow much more fluent for me, because I don’t have to write all the information by myself to an email, I can just use the columns of the specific item. It really works well. The only thing is, that there is no real possibility for notifying, which I can use and I can imagine that I ain’t the only person with this issue.

I don’t use any email column in the boards, because our items at work ain’t linked to any special person. So the problem is now: Without any email column I cannot make an automation to notify me, if there is any incoming email to this item.

I would need a automation which is integrated to this Outlook link, where you can add information to the email filter. Tha automation should be: “When email is received, notify Reik”. It’s just a simple automation with a big impact for me. Because sometimes I just work with monday and I don’t get it, when there’s a new email. Just if I activelly use outlook itself, I see, that there’s a email. I don’t want to put there another email column with status just to get notified fo an email. The easier way would be to put there this automation for just notifying a person, if there’s a email which is connected to a item.