Automation for specific item

Welcome everyone,

What I need is creating a workflow where finishing particular task triggers some actions.

Let’s say when status of task A is set to Done, assign particular people to B, C, D tasks. Then when status of task D is set to Done, assign particular people to tasks E, F and so on.

I can’t find an easy way to do it. Thanks for help!

I figured out some workaround. When every item has 2 statuses, one for In progress/Done function and the second for Automation Type function, it lets automate things with:

when Status changes to Done and Type is X, create Item with Type Y
when Status changes to Done and Type is Y, create Item with Type Z
and so on

The problem is automation doesn’t set status properly. It always sets default value no matter what was set in automation settings. It looks like bug or we can’t set status during automated item creation?

Hi @JakubBielan - The problem you’re facing is that default values will always rule over automation set values. You’ll need to either add an extra status column to trigger the secondary actions or avoid using default values in cases like this.

Thank you!

I think I didn’t express myself properly. In this case, there isn’t any default value but it still doesn’t work. I spotted that “Create item” and “Create item in board” work differently. “Create item” lets to choose a status of an item but it doesn’t set it when creating a new item (?) and “Create item in board” sets values but it doesn’t allow to choose existing status and it always creates a new one (choosing different color with tue same name).

How would you achieve such an automation? I’ve got a whole process written down but I don’t know how to make one task appearing after another in the process. Ideally there’s one task, when it’s set to Done, other tasks appear, people are assigned to them, time starts counting, when they do their tasks, the process continues depending on the project structure.

EDIT: Or differently. All tasks are written down as items from the beginning and when one task is done, people are assigned to other tasks (dependant on this one) and so on.

Hi @JakubBielan - I’m going to PM you so you can send your process documentation over and let me take a look. Then we can get on Zoom for a bit and work out your best approach together. I can definitely help you with this, but I want to be sure I understand the whole picture.

When automatically creating a new item the status set in the automation should be set when the item is created. If this isn’t happening you may have a competing automation that is changing the status. If you don’t have another status competing with the one you are setting up I would reach out to