Automation High Level Board Automatically Making The Connected Boards Connection

I have an automation…When status changes to something, create an item in a board and connect them in the selected board.

Shouldn’t this make the connection automatically in the board I have chosen?

I am having to go in and manually connect them in the chosen board… The picture below shows the item “construction: Build diversion ditch….” Is being created in the chosen board but it is not automatically connecting to the proper connect boards and has to be set manually every time.

Would you let me know if I am wrong or not understanding things accurately?


Hi @MDubYa - I believe this is because you are using the automation to connect the record in the selected board not in the originating board. I assume you have a connection field in the other board - thats where it is making the connection.

If you change your automation to the one below it should do what you are looking for:



Hi Mark, I tried that before came on here to make sure that wasn’t the issue and it didn’t work. It’s possible we may have a little bug or something strange, thank you for your response!

Hey @MDubYa - well that is strange indeed! Just to be clear, the automation is triggering and creating the record in the other board, it is just not connecting them? Does the account the automations are running under have proper permissions to the board?

I would be happy to do a screen share with you as well to have a look and see what is going on? I have set this up more times than I can count so something strange must be going on?

Let me know,

I have a similar issue to this. The ‘originating’ board links properly to the ‘receiving’ board, however the receiving board has to be manually connected to the originating board.


Thanks Mark. We have a meeting tomorrow with and if we don’t get it resolved I’ll be reaching out!

I tried it again both ways and the connection is not happening auto-magically. The item is created in the new board, but I have to manually go to the connect board columns and tell it where to get the information.

@MDubYa Super strange! Did you meet with monday support to review? I would be happy to setup a quick meet at some point to have a look as well.