Automation - Linking Task Title to a person

Hi there,
Please could someone provide some help on this problem? I have a board set up with multiple tasks.
Each task has a language column and a project manager assigned as well as different statuses for different stages for that task.
I want to create an automation so that Task A (the specific task on the board) when a status changes e.g. Brief Amends request is set the Project Manager assigned to that task is notified automatically.

I also want to notify a group of people once another status is changed for Example when Brief status changes to For Review another group are notified.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Lisa2 - I think I understand your question. You can’t use an automation to read the assignee from one item to use to notify about actions on another item. You can, however, notify a particular user or perhaps a Team that the PM belongs to (teams of one work!). I may be misunderstanding your request, so let me know if those suggestions help.

Hi @Lisa2 ,

Cassie from here! I may be reading your question slightly differently than what was already recommended, but if you simply need to notify the owner of a task on the board when a status changes, I see our standard “notification” automations helping here.

Here is an article that can help: Alerts and Reminders with Automations – Support

You would specifically want the automation that says “When status changes to something, notify someone”