Automation mail to static defined mail


Would it be possible to add the functionality of typing in the mail receiver in an automation? Today we are limited to either choosing users registered in Monday or pulling the adress from a mail column. Hopefully it would be something super easy to add, and i belive most Monday users would find use of this. “When item is created send mail to X”

I have several workflows where we plot information into Monday and some of these datas are supposed to go as a mail to an external supplier or collegue. Good example of this is onboarding/offboarding.

In our organization our HR department fills out a form with all the information different departments need to be able to complete their tasks when we have a new employee or someone has resigned.

When this happens tasks are created for each department inside of Monday, and there are several systems and licenses that are bought/cancelled via a simple mail to the supplier. This mail could be 100% automated on the background of the information in the form thus removing tasks we today do manually.

There are a lot of other scenarios where the possibility to set up an automation that always sends a mail on basis of form answers to a specific mail and i truly believe most Monday customers would find use of the function to simply state “When item is created send mail to X” where X is a field you can fill out.

why not use the “guest” or “team member”? this would answer your question no?